Hey Dr. T!


   How are you?  I hope that all is well.  Here things are good.  I just finished my orientation week to my MA program here in Peterborough (Trent University) and I am very excited!  I really think that I will enjoy this experience.  I've got to tell you... one of my courses in particular is essentially the equivalent to ANTH 334, only with regards to archaeology, and I must say that I am beyond grateful for the things I learned in your class.  Having begun my first readings, I can tell you that if I do well in this course it will be entirely because of the preparation I received from you in dealing with theory and issues in epistemology.  On that note, keep on doing exactly what you're doing because those of us that have gone off to grad school very much appreciate the rigor and challenge of your courses insofar as it greatly prepares us for the challenges to come.

I was offered admission to the Social Anthropology Masters program at (...).
I just want you to know that I don't think I would have been here without you. If I had not walked into your class, I have no idea where my life would be, as I didn't wanted to study psych, and I might have chosen partying over learning. Not only in the logistical parts of life did you influence me, but you really gave me such a safe place to express my thoughts and feelings. I was always ostricized for thinking differently, and you just said "use it". 
You know how much you mean to me, but I just thought I would tell you, again.


Hi Dr. T!
Well I went for an interview today for the (...) program and even they commented on how wonderful your reference letter was. They were really impressed and I told them that its because you're the best professor I ever had ;) Thank you so much for all your help. I know I couldn't have done it without you inspiring me, encouraging me and opening my mind. I can't wait to have dinner or coffee and catch up so I can personally give you a big hug. 
All the best and lots of love

Greetings Dr. T.
I’m writing just a quick note to say that I throughly enjoyed your class and it was never a chore to attend a class. I always learned something that challenged my perspectives and enjoyed doing so! Thank you, again, for such a wonderful learning experience, and I hope to learn from you again in the future semesters!
I remember in our class you enjoyed this quote and asked I send it to you. It was a great class; very thought provoking and helped me to realize just how fundamental analysis of the world has to be. Thanks!
Dear Dr. Thiessen,
I would also like to let you know that I have never had a teacher like you before -and I really wish would have! I have learned so much about how to read, write and understand academic articles, how to talk about my ideas and how to listen to other peoples’ and, most importantly, how to look around and see my own biases a little more clearly. Thank you for pushing us to learn how to do all of this. I know these skills will help me in everything else I do.
Hi Dr. T
How are you doing? I heard from Alison that you’re recovery is progressing well, I hope that continues. It’s my last day of classes today (yay!) but I wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. There’s a group of us in the political anth class (L..., G....,R..., M...., and me) who always have some sort of conversation about you, how we hope you’re doing well and how much we miss you!
I’m sure you’ve heard that alot this term, but personally (I was just saying this to A.... last night) I’ve really missed having you as a prof. I’ve rarely felt challenged this term by any of my instructors. [I miss] the energy and enthusiasm that you bring to the class and I’m less inspired by him. Speaking of inspiring, I just handed in my final project for my Global Studies class. It was a case study on Veles and the citizen response to poor urban planning, resulting in the pollution/health crisis in the area. I’ve been asked to consider presenting it at the geography conference at VIU next spring, which is kind of exciting, even if it is geo-graphy! Sadly, I won’t be in any of your classes in January, but it will be great to know that I can at least stop by your office for a chat now and then.

Dear Dr. Thießen, 

Thank you so much for a very interesting and educational semester in Anthro 112. I am really excited to take Anthro 211 with you next semester as well. My whole life I have never conformed to one particular belief. At first I thought it was just because I am agreeable and open-minded, but now I realize I feel this way because the world is too big to stick in one small box.. Sociocultural Anthropology has re-enforced my search for knowledge and I only wish it was taught in high school so that I could have heard it before. Your lectures were very inspiring and made me leave class thinking "Wow, can you believe it" Thank you again.






Dear Dr. Thiessen, I'm so sorry to hear you won't be joining us. I was looking forward to taking one more class with you before I graduated. Please get better soon! Your courses are always so thought provoking, I would hate to miss even one class with you. Get yourself on the mend quickly, please!: -D All the Best,


Dear Dr. Thiessen, I'm so sorry to hear you won't be joining us. I was looking forward to taking one more class with you before I graduated. Please get better soon! Your courses are always so thought provoking, I would hate to miss even one class with you. Get yourself on the mend quickly, please!: -D All the Best,
I have to say that I kind of gave you a bum wrap at first. I sort of didn't understand what you were trying to get across to us, and it sometimes made me angry. However, through my work for this course, I see what you were getting at, and I believe that it has changed the way I look at things for the better. Best of luck in the future, and thanks

I just wanted to thank you for helping me complete my graduation this spring. Your class was tough, that' s for sure, but definately thought-provoking and worth while.Your imput on my failing analytical notes were evidently helpul, and I never felt shy to ask you for more advice. For these reasons and many others: sie sind ein toller professor. signing off..


Dear Dr. T, [...] again thank you so much for your kind heart and compassion it has made the world of difference to have your support! 


Hello, Dr. Thiessen, Thank you for a very stimulating semester. I feel you've opened my eyes to some new perspectives and have helped me on my way to becoming a more well-rounded and tolerant person, if not an anthropologist. I really loved your lectures. [...] Thank you again for a great class!

Hello Dr. T, Thank you so much for your helps on this course. I gained alot of knowledge from your classes, and I believe that absolutely helpful for my business courses and my future career. Before this semester, I did not really get into anthropology. But now I am proud to say I did not bad on this course, and I love anthrology. Thank you again. You are always patient to answer my questions after class and direct me to a right way. .


Dr. Thiessen, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the fantastic class. I feel as though my eyes were opened, I have a stronger grasp on not only the material, but the way I feel about anthropology in general. You helped me see that I CAN challenge ideology that dominates in society and academia alike, and that all my stupid rants to friends have never been in vain. I can't wait to take more classes with you in the future, and I trust you'll have a great summer in Macedonia.

Hello Dr. T., I am so very very excited about taking your class. Even with the excitement bursting out of me, I cannot make trains travel faster accross the United States, so I am sadly going to miss the first class on Wednesday. But I promise to come visit you in your office if you have hours on Thursday of Friday to find out anything I missed. I hope you had a wonderful summer in Macedonia. See you soon,


I really appreciate your concern and I absolutely appreciate your patients with me.


Thank you Dr. T. I think that you're an awesome instructor, and I feel that I learned a lot from you. I hope you have a nice summer as well... Thank you,


Dear Ilka: Thank you for the ability to condense the readings in the form of analytical notes. Wow! What a life saver. 


I really enjoyed being in your anthropology class this semester. It was fascinating to learn why I think the way I do and to learn how people in some other societies think. Thank you for being flexible and for sharing your slatko! 


Dear Dr. Thiessen, Thank you so much for fitting this Directed $tudy project of mine in your already full and overflowing Spring term schedule. Having the opportunity to work with you during my final term at Malaspina [VIU] has helped me feel prepared to move on to my next educational experience at the University of [...] Faculty of Law. Truly, I don't think I would feel half so confident or prepared for what is to come if I had not taken the courses I have with you. Your academic expectations and your clarity in explaining your requirements were both welcome and inspiring. Thank you for helping me reach a different, and higher, level of scholarship than I have been able to attain thus far! I wish you much success in your upcoming field school to Macedonia. I know that all of the students accompanying you will have an incredibly rich and satisfying educational experience with you to guide them. Sincerely and with much gratitude,